Athletic Training

Athletic Training Services

As Director of the University of Iowa's Sports Medicine Center and Head Team Physician, Dr. Ned Amendola, along with Director of Athletic Training Services Terry Noonan and Director of Rehabilitation Services Michael Shaffer lead an extensive sports medicine team.

This team is composed of 12 Certified Staff Athletic Trainers, seven graduate assistant athletic trainers, two physical therapists, and 45 undergraduate athletic training students. The sports medicine team is composed of orthopedic surgeons from the University of Iowa Sports Medicine Center as well as primary care physicians that specialize in family practice and pediatrics.

In addition, the sports medicine team has at their disposal the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics which encompasses physicians representing all other medical and surgical disciplines. With an orthopedic surgery department that U.S. News & World Report ranks among the nation's top 10, the best possible care is readily available for all student athletes.

According to Dr. Amendola, the sports medicine team has one focus: the complete healthcare of the student-athlete. Returning the athlete to competition healthy and without risk of further injury is the goal of the multidisciplinary sports medicine team.