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The Hawkeye Express will be rolling down the tracks on Sept. 8.

The Hawkeye Express will be rolling down the tracks on Sept. 8.

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    The Hawkeye Express passenger train, with a fresh coat of black & gold paint and additional capacity, is ready for service for the Iowa Hawkeyes 2007 home season. The train service begins three hours before game time and on Sept. 8, which is an evening game, that means about 5 p.m. The return trip to the parking lot begins at the start of the fourth quarter and runs until 90 minutes after the game.

  • Talkin' Black & Gold: The Hawkeye Express

    Friday, Aug. 17
    The University of Iowa volleyball squad has a Texas connection.That's what brought Aimee Huffman from Poth, Texas to the Hawkeye state. She was San Antonio Area Player of the Year and comes to help fourth year Coach Cindy Fredrick with the rebuilding of the Iowa program.

  • Talkin' Black & Gold: Aimee Huffman

    The University of Iowa volleyball team, with a trio of St. Charles, Ill., players, is looking forward to the season with a home opener against Brigham Young University.

  • Talkin' Black & Gold: Kiley Fister and Catherine Smale

    Thursday, Aug. 16
    Summertime heat and football two-a-days in Iowa have health professionals on high alert when the young men take to the practice field. At the University of Iowa, no less than 17 people are monitoring the players during their sessions.

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  • Talkin' Black & Gold:Paul Federici -- Part 2

    Thursday, Aug. 16
    The University of Iowa Volleyball team has a trio of St. Charles, Ill., players hoping to see a greatly improved record as the team starts its season with a home opener Saturday night, Aug. 25 at 7 p.m. in Carver North against nationally ranked Brigham Young.

  • Talkin' Black & Gold: The St. Charles, Ill., Trio

    Wednesday, Aug. 15
    The Iowa sports season starts this year before the students head to class. Volleyball, under fourth year coach Cindy Fredrick, will take to the North Carver court Saturday, Aug. 25. Fredrick continues to work with a young squad this year with only one senior, but a talent-packed lineup and some new faces that will look familiar to many eastern Iowans.

  • Talkin' Black & Gold: Hawkeye Volleyball Coach Cindy Fredrick

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