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Herky and 'Perky' -- the official mascot of the Children's Hospital of Iowa -- share a light moment together.

Herky and 'Perky' -- the official mascot of the Children's Hospital of Iowa -- share a light moment together.

Dec. 19, 2006

  • 2006 Alamo Bowl
  • Celebrating academic success by young fans of the Hawkeyes

    Editor's Note: Staff from the UI Sports Marketing Office joined Herky and "Perky," the official mascot Children's Hospital of Iowa, in the spreading of holiday cheer Tuesday when they delivered gifts from staff of the UI Department of Intercollegiate Athletics to patients at the Children's Hospital of Iowa. The 2006 Alamo Bowl poem - written to the rhythm of " `twas the Night Before Christmas" - below was written by Jeremy Kostelecky, a seventh grader at Forest City Community School and fan of the Iowa Hawkeyes from Fertile, Iowa.


    `Twas the night before Christmas, we were all in the car,
    Enroute to a bowl game, ever so far.

    We started our trip excited with glee,
    We got our bowl tickets, and they were all free.

    The car was then started, its engine sounded good,
    We tightened our seat belts as tight as we could.

    Dear Mother was driving, her foot was like lead,
    Dad's map in his hands, "Let's get going," he said.

    My dog and I sat in the back,
    I looked out the window and wondered what's that?

    Something was falling down from the sky,
    It's white and it sparkles, "It's snowing, oh my!"

    The road becomes slippery, we had to slow down,
    "I hope we make it," Mom said with a frown.

    Oh, so much we hated the snow,
    Finally the sun began to show.

    After making the trip, the tires were bare,
    Then Mom said, "We're finally there."

    We threw open the doors, and flew out like a flash,
    And there we were standing, at the Alamo Bash.

    There stood Santa, wearing black and gold,
    Standing so proudly, ever so bold.

    He greeted the fans and exclaimed as he drove out of sight,
    "Merry Christmas you Hawkeyes, and have a good fight!"

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