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Kinnick Stadium Renovation
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Proposed Location
The Kinnick Stadium site is bordered by Melrose Avenue to the south, Hawkins Drive to the east, Stadium Drive to the north, and the railroad right-of-way to the west. The Klotz Tennis Courts built in 1969 are located directly south of the stadium and will be re-located as part of a separate project, in coordination with the timing of this project. Daily permit and game-day parking is located directly west of the Stadium and reconstruction of that lot (Lot 43) will be completed in coordination with this project, and will represent the final stage of Lot 43 parking lot replacement in that area. The existing Recreation Building and the Hospital parking Ramp 3/Chilled Water Plant facility are located north of the stadium. General campus-related water infrastructure work will be located within the Lot 43 replacement area will be completed in coordination with this project. The UI Hospitals are located east of the stadium.

On game days, the facility will house University of Iowa and visiting school athletes, coaches, and athletic department staff, approximately 200 members of the press, and support staff addressing parking, safety, concessions, and game management. The facility also hosts approximately 70,000 fans within the stadium and as many as 5,000 visitors remaining outside the stadium during the game. Changes throughout the 74 year-old stadium will ensure a safe and enjoyable game-day experience and will address ADA and general access and egress issues. The renovated stadium will host daily events and meetings for both the University and the general public throughout the year, through scheduled use of the club spaces within the proposed press box. The surrounding parking lot (Lot 43) will serve as both game-day parking and daily permit parking serving the UI Hospitals and Clinics and surrounding campus facilities. The project will redesign the lot to provide optimal parking and effective circulation for both vehicular and pedestrian traffic.

Description of Use
The University plans the following: Replacement of the existing and deteriorating south end zone bleacher seating and structural system, replacement of the west sideline press box structure, renovation of the ground level concourses including utility upgrades, and improvement to both game-day and non-game-day services that surround Kinnick Stadium. These improvements include parking, ticket purchasing, safety, security, and pedestrian and vehicular circulation. The proposed renovation is intended to address long-standing and continuing issues related to game-day visitor safety, comfort, and convenience. In line with the University of Iowa Athletic Department mission of ensuring a long-term commitment to the success of our student-athletes, the facility renovation also intends to address safety, access and use issues for the student-athletes, and Athletics personnel using the facility. Technologies and facilities consistent with national standards for writing and video press will also be addressed as part of the project planning. These issues are all tied to the age and condition of Kinnick Stadium and the project commits to the long-term stewardship of this historic icon of the campus. The plan for the renovation also calls for maximizing shared uses that will optimize use on game days and will also serve as a useful facility throughout the year.

Consistent with the campus-wide goals outlined in the University's Stadium Drive Master Plan, the project will help to develop efficient transportation and circulation systems that promote a pedestrian friendly environment, valuable daily parking to serve the UI Hospitals and Clinics, and a safe and enjoyable game-day experience for the many visitors to Kinnick Stadium. The project site is recognized as a major entry point to the UI campus and the areas of the site, west and south of the stadium, will be designed to celebrate this function, as well as serve as an appropriate entry to Kinnick Stadium from the south. New construction elements included in the project will require special care to create a compatible aesthetic design with the stadiums historic character, and will also include integration of modern systems and technology into the 74 year-old facility. Additionally, the construction of the project itself will be managed and phased so that football sessions will continue with minimal disruption while maintaining a safe environment for both game-day and non-game-day activities in and around the stadium.

Relocation of Potential Occupants
The renovation will be phased with construction of major project components occurring between UI football seasons. All game-day functions and the associated users will be minimally affected by construction activities and a safe environment through and around the site will be maintained throughout the project. Site and utility work and the reconstruction of the parking lot (Lot 43) west of Kinnick are planned to minimize disruption for pedestrians and commuters who use the area during the off-season. The project improvements include a net increase in parking spaces. Demolition of Klotz Tennis Courts is also planned to take place during the off-season for outdoor tennis. New tennis facilities are being addressed in separate project, scheduled to avoid any service interruption to student and other University users.

Anticipated Cost and Anticipated Source of Funds
Estimated total project cost -- $88,500,000

This cost is comprised of both stadium-specific work and work associated with related campus improvements to be coordinated as part of this project. The project costs related to the stadium-specific work will be funded through revenues generated by premium amenities within the project scope and by private donations as detailed in the Financial Plan to follow. All components of the project scope and the associated funding sources will be detailed in the fourth coming financial plan.

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