Thank you for your inquiry into having the Iowa Spirit Squads (Herky / Iowa Cheerleaders / Iowa Dance Team / Perky (UIHC mascot)) at your
event(s). Our first priority is to the University of Iowa and Athletic Department, they can ask for an event up to two weeks before the date of their event. Appearance Requests will be put on file as they come in, if you would like to check back a month out we can tell how your request is looking, with a final confirmation coming two weeks out from the event.

Be sure to read the Rules and Regulations.

Name of Event:
Date of Event:
Time of Event:
Length of Event:
Location (city/state) of Event:
Actual Location of Event (place):
Contact Person for Event:
Contact Person's E-Mail:
Contact Person's Phone:
Cell Phone to Reach
Contact Day of Event:
Number of People at Event:

Expectations of Iowa Spirit Squads at Event (what will they be doing):

Directions to Event:

Requested Iowa Spirit Squad Member(s):

UI Children's Hospital mascot
Iowa Cheerleaders (small group 2-6)
Iowa Dance Team (small group 2-6)
Iowa Cheerleaders (large group 7-16)
Iowa Dance Team (large group 7-14)

Checks should be made out to: The University of Iowa Athletic Department

I have read the the policies on the following page and agree to follow these and inform all others in attendance of these policies related to the Iowa Spirit Squads appearance. I further understand that this is only a request and the University of Iowa is under no obligation to fulfill the request.




Please fill out a separate Appearance Request Form for each event.

1. Completion of the Request form does not guarantee the Iowa Spirit Squads can fulfill this request.
2. Requests should be received at least four weeks in advance.
3. Iowa Spirit Squads need a secure area to change and leave their bags, away from the immediate event's location. This can not be a public restroom.
4. Parking should be provided, if there is not access to a well sized free parking lot near the event.
5. Each hour Herky/Perky must have a fifteen minute break to rehydrate.
6. Water must be provided for each squad member in attendance.
7. Mascot Costumes will not be loaned or rented out.
8. Perky (UIHC mascot) appearances must be approved thru UIHC and the Iowa Spirit Squads.
9. Requests on Football game days (home/away) will be limited to Athletic Department events.
10. Iowa Spirit Squad members expect fans at the events to be supportive and respectful.
11. Return of the Appearance Request Form constitutes agreement to the above Rules and Regulations, even if not signed because of being submitted electronically or by other means.

-Out of Iowa City/Coralville Events - $250 an hour, plus mileage ($.48/mile), Herky and/or small group.
-Iowa City/Coralville Events - $150 an hour, Herky and/or small group.
-Large group appearances, outside of the University, are $500 an hour, plus mileage ($.48/mile/car).
-University Events - $50 an hour, Herky and/or small group.
-Any additional time for any of the above is $50 an hour. There is a minimum one hour fee for each event.

Mileage is $.48/mile/car roundtrip - MapQuest may be used to determine roundtrip mileage from the University of Iowa. You may use 1 Carver Hawkeye Arena / Iowa City / IA / 52242 for the starting point.

Checks need to be made out to the University of Iowa Athletic Department and paid at the event.

Photographers at the event need to understand that the University of Iowa has registered trademarks on official logos of the university. These include: Herky the Hawk, the Tigerhawk logo, the University of Iowa, the block 'I', as well as others. As such, photographers can take candid shots, group shots, shots with individuals. They may not take a shot of just Herky, a cheerleader and/or an Iowa Dance Team member for sale, reproduction, promotional usage. Also, Registered trademarks of the University of Iowa or another university licensed logos can not be used for sale, reproduction, promotional usage.

Also, the Iowa Spirit Squad's and/or Herky's appearance at an event does not constitute promotion of any product, service and/or person by the Iowa Spirit Squads and/or Herky the Hawk, the University of Iowa and/or the University of Iowa Athletic Department. Any miss use of photographs or sale of images alone may be a violation of the University of Iowa's licensing of logos. For more information on using the University of Iowa logos for sale or promotion, please contact the University of Iowa Athletic Department's Marketing department.