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Unit Descriptions


The Director of Athletics directs the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics on behalf of the President of the University of Iowa. Senior Athletics Administrators oversee primary component areas of the program and are responsible for the development of policies and procedures by which the Department operates. Oversight by this team includes business operations, capital improvements, compliance, development and patron services, event management, external affairs, human resources, sport administration, student services, and Iowa's involvement in the Big Ten Conference and NCAA. This team also promotes the values and commitments of the Department, with special attention to issues of culture, diversity, equity, integrity, and student-athlete welfare.

Business Operations

The Director of Business Operations ensures that the Department has and follows standard business and financial policies and procedures. This unit assists in the establishment and monitoring of fiscal year budgets, oversees the preparation of financial audits, oversees the processes for orders, purchases, cash collection, gifts-in-kind and account reconciliation, prepares required reports related to Big Ten, NCAA and federal government guidelines, communicates changes in University protocol or Departmental policy to staff performing business-related tasks, and provides training to staff as necessary.


The Directors of Compliance facilitate the development of policies and procedures that promote wide-spread compliance responsibilities and insure institutional control of Athletics. Staff implements systems for documenting, monitoring, rules interpretation, rules education, investigating and reporting secondary or major violations, and developing and evaluation legislation. This unit assists in monitoring a variety of Big Ten and NCAA compliance areas, including amateurism, extra benefits, initial and continuing eligibility, evaluation of financial aid, employment, outside income, playing and practice seasons, promotional activities, recruiting, and staffing. This unit, in collaboration with Student Services personnel, coordinates the annual certification of student-athletes.


The UI Foundation Athletics Staff is responsible for raising funds to supplement numerous departmental projects and programs. These include The I-Club, the Hawk Fund, capital improvement projects, endowed scholarship funding and various sport-specific funds. This unit also develops and manages outreach opportunities for the Department, including annual events such as the Lunch with the Coach series, spring I-Club events, Named Scholarship dinner and the Kinnick Society dinner. The Director of Athletics works with the Senior Director to prioritize annual initiatives.

Development goals are supplemented by the efforts of the Associate Director of Athletics for Development and Patron Services who also oversees Ticket Operations and the merger of gift information and ticketing policies.

Equipment and Apparel

The Department retains ownership of all equipment and apparel obtained on behalf of the Department, regardless of how acquired. The Equipment Directors are responsible for insuring that University and Departmental policy and protocol are followed in the acquisition of team-related equipment and apparel. This unit is responsible for storage, maintenance, security and inventory of all uniforms and apparel utilized by teams. Personnel work closely with compliance staff, sport administrators and coaches to manage seasonal issue and retrieval of apparel as well as manage proper disposal of equipment and apparel.

Event Management

The Associate Director of Athletics for Event Management facilitates the development of procedural and communication systems necessary to provide an event environment that enriches the competitive experiences for both the participant and the observer. This unit brings relevant parties together for the design and implementation of effective event procedures. This unit directly manages all sport events for 24 sports with a focus on customer service while emphasizing sportslike conduct and a positive program image. Besides regular institutional sporting events, this unit bids for and manages special events such as Big Ten and NCAA Championship events.

External Affairs

The Associate Director of Athletics for External Affairs oversees the process of promoting the Department of Athletics and maximizing revenue-generating opportunities by building greater awareness and/or participation in the activities of the Department. The Director also negotiates corporate sponsorships, the Department's radio contract, and the weekly television and radio shows of select coaches. External Affairs consists of sports marketing, sports information, graphic arts and video productions. These areas also manage production of the Department's official newsletter, Hawk Talk, and the Department's official website,

Sports Marketing and Promotions

The Sports Marketing unit works collaboratively with the Athletic Ticket Office and group sales personnel to maximize ticket sales. This unit manages corporate sponsorships and all related events, develops and implements annual sport marketing plans, manages on-site promotional activities at sporting events, and develops and manages special events showcasing select sports and/or coaching staff.

Sports Information

Sports Information oversees the development and management of relationships with local, regional and national media and produces official sport-specific publications, including media guides and recruiting brochures. This unit also provides game day support in the form of media hospitality and statistical crews.

Video Operations

Video Operations oversees the acquisition of video inventory for the exclusive use of the Department and provides video technical support as needed. This unit manages the daily film needs of football, acquires video inventory as needed, produces approved highlight tapes, and produces video projects as needed for special events and the Hall of Fame.

Facilities and Vehicles

The Director of Facilities insures that policies and procedures governing the use of sports facilities are followed. The Director works collaboratively with the Director of Athletics, Recreational Services and relevant academic departments to identify and enforce user priorities. This unit oversees the renting of facilities to internal and external constituencies, the repair and maintenance of the facilities, event set-ups and tear-downs, building security, snow removal, capital equipment inventory and athletics department vehicle use and inventory.

Grounds and Sports Turf

The Director of Grounds oversees maintenance of the Finkbine Golf Course and all Athletics' and Recreational Services' sports turf areas, both artificial and natural. The Director works collaboratively with the Director of Finkbine Golf Operations, the Director of Facilities, and Head Coaches to insure the needs of the Department are met. This unit manages the everyday maintenance of Finkbine Golf Course, including related construction and planting, prepares all sports turf areas for practices and competitions, oversees the planning and installation of any new turf facilities, plans and maintains plant materials in and around athletics facilities, maintains all related equipment and vehicles, manages the Departments periodic landscaping needs, and during the non-growing season, assists Facilities with snow removal and event management.

Human Resources

The Director of Human Resources facilitates the development of departmental systems and/or protocols and interprets and promotes the equitable application of University policies and procedures within the Department. This unit assists in new staff orientation, search and hires, performance management, transfers and terminations, evaluates and responds to presenting issues, provides staffing and salary survey reports as needed, identifies and arranges staff development opportunities, and provides assistance on issues related to organizational culture. This unit also maintains the Intranet as one of the Department's primary internal communications tools, providing immediate access to essential procedures and policies.

Information Technology

The Director of Information Technology insures that the Department's technological needs are met and its interests are protected through established IT policies and procedures. This unit maintains all servers and online databases, provides daily desktop support to all staff, provides technological solutions for event management, oversees hardware and software acquisition and installation, implements strategic security plans, arranges educational sessions as necessary, and provides support for all of the Department's web-related communication sites.

Licensing and Hall of Fame

The Licensing Program protects the University's legal ownership interest in its logos and registered trademarks. These logos generate royalty fees to support the Department's endeavors. This unit licenses any product bearing the marks of the university, approves all products and designs, and ensures proper labeling. Approval is contingent on safety, imaging, and proper use. Licensing also puts entities on notice that use our logos without permission. Licensing also regularly scrutinizes vendors and their wares for compliancy in licensing and NCAA regulations.

The Director of Licensing also serves as Director of the Hall of Fame. The UI Athletics Hall of Fame captures the institutions sport history through a series of photos, biographies, videos, and interactive or static displays. This unit manages the inventory, creates the displays and oversees production of items and/or video to be housed within the Hall of Fame. This unit also manages internal and outside requests for use or rental of the facility.

Spirit Squads

This unit consists of the Iowa Cheerleaders, Iowa Dance Team and Herky Mascots. This unit works on maintaining the school spirit, primarily by performing at football, basketball, volleyball and wrestling events, as well as at other athletic events. Collectively and individually they are excellent public relations representatives for the University of Iowa Athletic Department throughout the year by attending numerous outside events on behalf of the University. The Spirit Squads also put on clinics at the high school and junior high level to promote their respective activities and develop skills, as well as host the Iowa Cheerleading / Dance Team Championships each year in the spring. The squads compete at the National and regional level at UCA/UDA sponsored competitions.

Sports Camps and Clinics

The Director of Sports Camps insures that the Department's camp and clinic enterprises are compliant with University and NCAA regulations. This unit works collaboratively with Athletics, Recreational Services and Residential Services to create annual offerings that meet the needs of the public while showcasing the University and its facilities. This unit assists with reserving facilities, receiving compliance clearance, developing and distributing brochures, hiring and training counselors, securing housing and meal services, camper transportation and registration, managing personnel transactions, and archiving required records.

Sports Medicine - Athletic Training Services

The Director of Athletic Training Services, in collaboration with the Director of Athletics and the University of Iowa Director of Sports Medicine, insures that the Department has and follows standard medical and departmental compliance policies and procedures. This unit assists in the prevention, evaluation, immediate care, referral, treatment, and reconditioning of student-athletes. A wide scope of services are offered, including preseason medical evaluations, day-to-day team coverage, home and special event coverage, and provision of select corrective or protective equipment items. Daily care to teams and student athletes is provided by members of the athletic training staff and/or athletic training students. Guidance in performing routine procedures also comes from a team of surgeons and physicians associated with Student Health Services and University of Iowa Sports Medicine Center.

Strength and Conditioning

Strength and conditioning personnel provide support to sport programs by designing and supervising specific sports' training programs, in- and out-of-season. Team and individual training programs on flexibility, speed, and strength are developed in collaboration with coaching staff and sports medicine staff. This unit is also responsible for supervising and maintaining all weight training rooms, purchasing and maintaining equipment, and assist with on-campus recruitment when requested.

Student-Athlete Alumni Relations and Honors

The Executive Director of the Iowa National Varsity Club oversees the development of policies and procedures specific to alumni programming and events, including The National Iowa Varsity Club, the Athletics Hall of Fame, alumni games/events, and the jersey/uniform retirement policy. The National Iowa Varsity Club, represented by a Board of Directors, serves to promote, preserve and protect the accomplishments and memory of the men and women who have competed in varsity athletic venues for the University of Iowa. They also facilitate a Varsity Club Weekend with reunions and a Special Awards Banquet each fall. The Board also oversees The National Iowa Varsity Club Athletic Hall of Fame which is designed to recognize players, coaches and administrators for exceptional contributions to the prestige of the UI through participation and association with the Department. This unit oversees the day-to-day management of these activities and facilitates communication between the Department and the Board.

Student Services

The Athletics Student Services Office offers academic and personal support services to student-athletes in order to assist them with making timely and satisfactory progress toward their degrees. The Director of Student Services facilitates the development and implementation of departmental systems and protocol compliant with University expectations and Big Ten and NCAA regulations. This unit assists with the recruitment of prospects and integration of these individuals into University life while also meeting their athletics commitments. Staff provides academic and personal counseling, a structured study environment, tutor and retention support, eligibility monitoring, life skills programming, and facilitate communicating excused absences to faculty. This unit also develops and implements extensive new student orientation programming.

Ticket Operations

The Director of Ticket Operations oversees the management of the Ticket Office and the implementation of ticketing policy, as designed and approved by senior management and the Presidential Committee on Athletics (PCA). This unit manages the promotion of season ticket sales, the production and monitoring of ticket inventory, the assignment and distribution of season tickets, walk-up sales, event staffing for ticket sales, handling of Iowa's Big Ten and NCAA Tournament ticket sales, and maintains appropriate compliance and financial records.