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The following are just some of the frequently asked questions about the Univeristy of Iowa Spirit Squad. Please don't hesitate to contact us should you have a question that isn't answered here. Click HERE for the correct telephone number and e-mail address.

Does Iowa offer scholarship money or out of state tuition waivers to Iowa Spirit Squad members?
No. At this time the Iowa Spirit Squads do not receive scholarship money or out of state tuition waivers. Third and fourth-year members to get a small stipend for books. Almost all expenses are covered by the Athletic Department, uniforms, shoes, warm-ups, camp, camp gear, travel, athletic trainers, use of the athletic learning center and much more.

Can freshmen tryout for the Iowa Cheerleading and Iowa Dance Team?
Yes. Starting in 2008 we allowed freshmen to tryout at the Spring Tryout. In the past freshmen could not tryout till Fall, now they may tryout by sending a pre-qualifying video and attending the on campus tryout in April. Details can be found under each squad's description.

  • Iowa Cheerleading
  • Iowa Dance Team
  • Herky and Herky Security

    Do the Iowa Spirit Squads compete at nationals?
    Yes. Each fall the squads send in qualifying videos to UCA/UDA. The UI Athletics Department has set certain standards as to where each squad has to place in order for that squad to compete at Nationals, as well as having funds to compete. The Iowa Spirit Squads primary goal will always be to the intercollegiate athletics events it supports at the University of Iowa, nationals is a bonus to the squads.

    How often do the squads practice?
    The Iowa Cheerleaders and Iowa Dance Team practice Monday-Friday 4-6 pm in the fall. In the spring usually three days a week, to fit around a busy basketball/wrestling season. Herky Security meets one (1) to two (2) times a week to go over weekly events and prepare for upcoming games, events, etc. There are commitments over breaks, including but not limited to basketball games, wrestling meets, bowl games, national championships and other events the UI Athletics Department may need the Iowa Spirit Squads support.

    Are there other time commitments required of the Iowa Spirit Squads?
    Yes. As the Iowa Spirit Squads are representatives of the University of Iowa, many events come up that require a little `Black and Gold' this is where the Iowa Spirit Squads come in to help out. These events are public relations and outreach for the squads and the University of Iowa. A few mandatory public relations events during the year are fundraisers for the Iowa Spirit Squads. Also members are expected to attend structured study times to keep their academics strong, strength training and any other events the UI Athletics Department deems necessary.

    How will I benefit academically by being on the Iowa Spirit Squads?
    Iowa Spirit Squad members are held to strict GPA and Cumulative hours earned standards. First year squad members are required to complete six (6) hours of structured study each week. Once they are done with their first year they can get out of structured study by meeting certain GPA requirements.

    The Gerdin Learning Center provides all student-athletes, including Iowa Spirit Squad members, a place to quietly study, meet with small groups, get help in certain classes or meet with a tutor. Tutors are provided by the Learning Center. Iowa Spirit Squad members may also use the computer lab in the learning center to complete class projects and homework.

    Are athletic trainers provided?
    The University of Iowa Athletics Trainers supervise the Iowa Spirit Squad program, one trainer is assigned to the Iowa Spirit Squads. There is a certified trainer at the Field House during regular practice hours. There are also student trainers available to tape and do rehab on Iowa Spirit Squad members. During football game days there is a certified trainer and a student trainer on the sidelines. During basketball, volleyball, wrestling and while traveling there are trainers available.

    Each Iowa Spirit Squad member must have an athletic physical upon entering the program. Once on the squad the UI Athletics Department may require an on campus athletic physical, this is provided by the UI Athletics Department. Each member must also provide family health insurance.

    Any injuries that occur during practice are evaluated by the trainers and they will decide the best course of action. With the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics located just behind the UI Field House, if a trip there is needed it is fit into each student's schedule. Also the athletic trainers provide rehab for injuries.

    Is summer camp training provided for Iowa Spirit Squad members?
    Those members coming on during the spring tryout will either go to a UCA/UDA summer camp or have UCA/UDA Staff come to Iowa to provide a private camp. UCA/UDA is the world leader in spirit squad training, providing camps, competitions and events all around the world, they are best known for their national championships on ESPN/ESPN2. Camp provides the latest in cheer and dance moves, and mascot training, as well as the latest in safety training.

    Are there any height or weight requirements?
    No. As with any athletic activity there are certain physical attributes that will help in each area of the Iowa Spirit Squads. Be aware that Iowa Spirit Squad members are at the forefront of the national media on a regular basis, as well as being representatives of the University of Iowa at hundreds of events each year.

    Can I have Herky, the Iowa Cheerleaders or the Iowa Dance Team at my next event?
    YES. Please click HERE to review the policies, procedures and payment information. Then, fill out the Appearance Request Form and submit it to the Iowa Spirit Squads. Please note that UI Athletic Department events have priority over all requests.

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