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This season three student-athletes have agreed to share their insights around the women's basketball program. Kamille Wahlin, Hannah Draxten and Theairra Taylor will be posting their personal blogs on practices, road trips and everything else surrounding the program throughout the 2009-10 campaign.

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  • April 29, 2010
    Hey Hawk Fans!

    Wow! What an amazing season we had. Who would have thought that with a 1-6 start in the Big Ten we would go on to earn a third place finish and a trip to the NCAA tournament. It was so much fun!

    We got to go to California for the first and rounds of the NCAA tournament. We were all pumped to pack our short and t-shirts and head some place warm! We had a great time out there. We took one afternoon and went to San Francisco. We walked the Golden Gate Bridge and we got to walk around Fisherman's Warf. While we were driving around the city, we were all desperately trying to spot the Full House home and maybe get a peak at Danny Tanner!

    Our first game was against Rutgers. They had great defensive tenacity, but we overcame that and earned the `W'. It was a fun game, especially since we were playing against Coach Vivian Stringer.

    Our next game was against Stanford. They were a great team! We played hard, but they were a little too much for us. Just a side note...we did score more points on them than UCONN (the back-to-back national champ) did. We are proud of that.

    Now, we are just finishing up post-season for the year. We have had a good couple of weeks. Everyone has been working really hard. We are looking forward to next year. With everyone back, we have a chance to do great things!

    As the school year winds down everyone is doing a lot of studying for finals. I can't wait for school to be done! It will be nice to take a little break before summer workouts and head up to Minnesota. I know everyone is excited to go home for a couple weeks and see their families.

    Thanks so much for all your support this year! We can't wait to see you next year in Carver!

    Go Hawks!

    Feb. 17, 2010
    Hey there all you Hawkeye fans!

    What an exciting couple of weeks we've had! We have won six out of our last seven games, and hope to continue that winning streak as the Big Ten season comes to an end. The conference tournament and post-season are approaching quickly and we want to finish the year with a BANG!

    Last week we traveled to Indiana to battle the Hoosiers. We were without Kamille due to an injury from the Michigan State game. Everyone stepped it up and we won a real nail biter, 71-67. Jaime had an outstanding game scoring 28 points, and Kash was a monster on the boards, collecting 16 for the game. Trisha played great in her first start as point guard. She looked confident and did a good job getting the team into the offense. Another person who had a stellar performance was Kelsey Cermak. She went in a scored a career-high 10 points! It was a great game and we continue to improve and the games go on.

    When we stay in the hotels we get a different roommate each trip. This time Theairra and I got put together. We were up to our typical shenanigans that night and when we tried to get back into our room, the key reader in the door stopped working. It ran out of battery so the hotel had to call maintenance to come fix it. While we were waiting they gave us each a goody bag to fill up with snacks from the candy store. It was like Halloween all over again! We thought it was the coolest thing ever! Let's just say we got our candy fix for the week. Let's just hope we don't get too many cavities :)

    On Sunday we played Illinois. At halftime we were up by 27 points, but the Illini fought back to make it a four point game. We were able to rebound and make free throws down the stretch to hang on to the win. We learned that you can never let up on a team no matter how big your lead is. It was also our "Go Red for Women" day at Carver, and it was great to see all the fans that supported the fight against heart disease in women by sporting their red attire.

    This week Minnesota comes to Carver. Last time we played them we lost in overtime. We all remember that came and cannot wait to get revenge on the Gophers! We have four Minnesotans on the team and would love to get a "W"!

    Come cheer us on this Thursday night at 7:30!

    Hope to see you there!

    Jan. 29, 2010
    Hello again Hawkeye fans!

    Hey Hawk Fans!

    It's been an exciting week for our team, as we are coming off a two-game winning streak! First, we traveled to Illinois to face the Fighting Illini. It was a hard fought battle, but we came out on top with a 74-65 victory. Everyone was so excited for the win. On our bus ride to the airport we had the music playing and we were all dancing in the aisles. We even got JC, our strength coach, to get up and do the "Stanky Leg", a dance that Kash and Gabby have been trying to teach us for some time now.

    The next days in practice were very productive as we prepared for Northwestern. We knew they were a greatly improved team from last year, and it was going to be an intense game. Made free throws and scrappy defense allowed us to get our second straight Big Ten win. Jaime had another stellar performance with 23 points, earning her a third Big Ten Freshman of the Week award. She's been doing AWESOME!

    On Tuesday it was Trisha's birthday. The team took her out to eat and we all had a great time! We asked the waiter if they did anything special for birthdays, and he nodded and walked away with a big smile on his face. Seconds later, he and the rest of the staff came to our table singing and put a huge sombrero on Trisha's head. The cheered loudly for her and shoved ice cream in her face. She was so embarrassed! It was a hoot!

    We now are preparing for the Purdue Boilermakers. We didn't play as good as we wanted when we traveled to Mackey Arena, and we can't wait to play them again. It is going to be a great rematch! We are excited for Sunday's game because it will be on national television. We can't wait!

    Hope to see you at Sunday's game. Come to Carver Hawkeye Arena and be a part of the excitement! Go Hawks!

    Jan. 22, 2010
    Hey Hawkeye fans!

    We hit the road for two games last week, playing at Purdue and Illinois. The Purdue game wasn't a pretty one, but it was a great learning experience and the trip was fun. Even though winning is more fun, these tough losses have seemed to bring us closer together, as a team. The Illinois trip was great, we won, had fun, and could finally enjoy the trip back without being down about a loss. We danced and cheered until we were back in Iowa City.

    Being injured and watching from the sideline is very hard for me, but I always suck it up and cheer hard with a smile on my face. Rehab is going great and I am finally off of crutches and starting to do more difficult things in the training room. I'm doing leg lifts with a little bit of weight, walking in the pool, doing toe raises and step-ups on a small platform. I hope the rest of my rehabilitation goes as smoothly as its going now.

    Thanks for following along.

    Go Hawks!

    Jan. 10, 2010
    Hello again Hawkeye fans!

    I hope all of you had a wonderful holiday break! I know all of my teammates, including myself, had a fun time at home with our families! After the nice little break, we got back to business and began preparing for Penn State. We lost a tough one in OT, 77-73, and we can't wait to get another shot at them this week.

    While we were in our hotel the team decided to rent a movie. We went out on a limb and rented Paranormal Activity, which was supposed to be very scary. Let's just say our team isn't as tough off the court as we are on the court. We all were hanging on to each other through most of the movie. When we turned the lights on Kash was crying, yes, CRYING. Kamille had her face in her sweatshirt, and we figured out Jaime had left the room 10 minutes into the movie. Out of all of us, the most scared was our manager Travis. He jumped and screamed more than anyone of us. I guess boys aren't always the tough ones, haha. It was a great team bonding experience!

    Our next game was against Wisconsin on New Year's Eve. We wanted to end 2009 with a bang and ring in the New Year with a victory. We came out hard and finished with a 61-51 win over the Badgers tallying up our first Big Ten win of the season.

    After the game the team got dressed up and went out to eat. We then went over to Kelly's parent's house to celebrate at midnight. There were a lot of laughs and we had a great time. All the festivities had to end early though due to practice early the next morning. We had to prepare for who I think is our biggest rival (as I am a Minnesotan myself), the Minnesota Gophers.

    It was an exciting game at "The Barn". Kamille, Kash, Theairra and I were all happy to be back in our home state, as we got to see many of our family and friends. It was fun to see them wearing Black and Gold! There was a great crowd and it was an intense game the whole way through. We lost in another overtime thriller. Although we didn't get the win, we continue to see improvements throughout the team.

    We had another tough road trip this past Thursday, losing to Michigan. We were back at it on Friday at practice, and will take advantage of our bye week this Sunday. Our next game is Thursday at home against Penn State, and we hope to see everyone there!

    Go Hawks!

    Dec. 24, 2009
    Happy Holidays Hawk Fans!

    We had two solid games aginst Drake and South Dakota State this week. Our freshmen continue to step up. Their maturity showed through in how they fnished the last two games. It is also great to see Kash back in action. I thought Kelly Krei had a couple of great games as well. She rebounded well and attacked SDSU's defense.

    Before our SDSU game, our team had a Christmas Party at Vesta in Coralville. The title of the party was "Don't be afraid to wear an ugly sweater." We had some great laughs at all the stylish sweaters. We also had a modeling competition and JoAnn won the prize for having the ugliest sweater!

    It was nice to head home after ending our non-conference season with two wins. It made my nine hour drive home, after the game, much shorter. I know my teammates and I are anxious for some home cooking, but we will be ready to get back on the 26th to prepare for Penn State.

    I hope everyone back in Iowa City has a wonderful Christmas!



    Dec. 10, 2009
    Hey Hawk Fans!

    It has been an exciting week for the Iowa Women's Basketball Team. On Sunday we opened up our Big Ten season against Michigan. We knew this game was important, as is any conference game. It came down to the wire, despite being down 15-2 in the first half. We cut the game down to one point with two minutes left, but weren't able to convert down the stretch. We are already looking forward to January 7th, when we get another shot at the Wolverines!

    After everyone's relaxing day off, we came back to Carver to prepare for the Iowa State Cyclones. We have worked really hard for today's game and can't wait to play! This game is a HUGE in-state rival and should be a very fun one, for both spectators and players. We really want to win this one, especially for our four Iowa natives on the team. A win would bring us one step closer to winning the 2009-10 "Mythical" State Title!

    Go Black and Gold!

    Nov. 30, 2009
    The trip to Reno was a great experience. The team had such a good time playing in the arcade downstairs, although I think Kash and Trisha got a little too addicted to Deal or No Deal. On Thanksgiving Day, we went to Lake Tahoe and rode a gondola all the way up the mountain. It was so cool, and a little scary, but being able to see the beautiful scenery was worth it. Later that day, we ate with the other teams (West Virginia and Nevada, Columbia was still traveling). The food was delicious and the teams were fun to talk to.

    We played two games in Reno, the first was against West Virginia. We had about a 10 point lead at halftime and let up in the second half, ultimately losing by three. Our team had a silent ride back and we were all upset, but we knew that we could redeem ourselves with a victory against Columbia the next day. We ended up beating Columbia, and I can honestly say ,that game made us closer as a team.

    Thanks for following along with us on the blog.


    Nov. 23, 2009
    Hey there Hawk Fans!

    We have had an exciting start to our season this year, and it only gets more exciting! We are now 3-1 and hope to continue to earn the "W"s as we head into this week.

    Last week, we had an exciting game against the Kansas Jayhawks. We found ourselves down 11-0 to start, but we battled back to take the lead. It was a hard-fought battle throughout the whole game, and the very talented Jayhawks left Carver with the win. We played hard, and even though we didn't win, we were able to take away many things from the game that will make us better in the future.

    On Saturday, we traveled to Cedar Falls to play the UNI Panthers. That night at the hotel, our team played a rowdy game of Catch Phrase. It was a hoot. I don't think I have laughed that hard in a long time. Some people were really good at describing words, while others, (cough cough Kamille cough), had a harder time. Kels and Jaime were always very calm when they got the passer, while other people like Kash and Theairra got extremely loud and excited when it was their turn. I recall one time when Theairra was actually jumping up and down on the bed trying to explain something. Let's just say our abs were all sore from laughing that night!

    Sunday was game time and with Kash out, we knew that we had to step it up a notch. Everyone played great and contributed at some point in the game. We went on to win 81-70. Kamille and an outstanding game and scored 33 points. It was awesome!

    This Tuesday, William & Mary will be coming to Carver-Hawkeye Arena. It should be a great game and I hope to see you all there!

    The next day, we fly to Reno for our Thanksgiving tournament. We will play two games out there, starting with West Virginia. I'm especially excited because one of the days we get to go to Lake Tahoe. I have heard it is gorgeous and can't wait to see it myself! That same day we get to have a Thanksgiving Banquet, and I cannot wait for the delicious array of foods for us to eat! Mmmmm....

    Well, I hope you all have a GREAT thanksgiving. Eat a lot and enjoy a nice long nap!

    Go Hawks!

    Nov. 17, 2009
    Hey Hawk Fans,

    It feels good that we were able to win the KCRG-TV9 Hawkeye Challenge and start the season 2-0. Our team was able to come together and be resilient through a week where we lost four players to injury. Thankfully, it's the beginning of the year and we have time to heal.

    I've been to the hospital to visit JoAnn, and she is doing great. She says she is feeling much better and is hoping to be at our Kansas game. It will be great to see her back in Carver.

    We have a tough opponent coming up against Kansas. They are very fast and athletic. It will be an excellent test for us at the beginning of the year.

    As a team, we are excited for the basketball season. We may be young, but the freshmen class is more than ready to compete at the Big Ten level. Each day we will be looking to improve as a team and, have fun playing basketball together.

    Thanks for the support!



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