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Iowa volleyball fans will be able to follow senior Becky Walters, juniors Megan Eskew and Mallory Husz, and freshman Rachael Bedell as they blog about the 2010 season . All four student-athletes will discuss things like upcoming matches, road trips and what it's like being a student-athlete at the University of Iowa.

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  • Becky Walters

    November 29, 2010
    Hi Hawkeyes! I cannot believe tonight is the last time throwing on my Iowa jersey! I could go on forever trying to express my gratitude to everyone who has been a part of this joyful chapter in my life, but I was told to make this brief :)

    To my Mom-Deb, Dad-Kory, and Brother-Nick: I couldn't have done any of this without you. You've been the first people I come to with struggles and triumph - and I know I can always count on you no matter what. I could write a book and still not explain all of my appreciation. I LOVE YOU!

    To my Best Friends- My teammates: I have never been a part of something so special in my life. I cherish every moment I get to spend with all of you and I wouldn't in a million years pick a different group of girls to spend every waking hour with. You are all so beautiful inside and out - and I can honestly say - I found my lifetime friends!

    To the FANS!!! WOW...you guys are the BEST! You have stuck with us through our ups and downs and I cannot thank you enough. Running out of the tunnel for each game to see the thousands of Hawkeye fans cheering us on gives me goosebumps! You truly make us all feel like superstars and I hold a special place in my heart for you!! We couldn't have made it through the season without you. I've said it forever and I'll say it again...HAWKEYE FANS ARE THE BEST FANS IN THE WORLD!

    To Dan, Travis, and Amber...Thank you for fixing my 1,000 aches and pains, and for all of the ibuprofen before matches! You are AMAZING!

    Last but not least - to Sharon, Ben, Jason, Angie & Curt: Thank you-Thank you-Thank you for the continuous encouragement through my hard times. You've made my last season UNFORGETTABLE! (oh yeah, and thanks for the minimal 20-balls and china drills).


    GO HAWKS!!!! Becky #10

    Rachael Bedell

    November 5, 2010
    Hey Hawkeye fans! This past week we were on the Big Ten Network in back to back games. Being on Big Ten Network is such a great opportunity for people to watch us, especially because my friends and family back home aren't able to come to every game; and I know that the other girls on the team feel the same way. We headed out to Minnesota midweek, to start off the second round of Big Ten Conference, it was a good match but we just didn't pull it out in the end. On Saturday we welcomed Northwestern into Carver Arena, we came out flat and ended up taking a loss from the Wildcats.

    Coach Boldt gave us a pep talk after our losses this week, and hit home with what we all have been thinking. We have been close a lot, however close doesn't convert into wins; we are ready for some wins. We have had some tough times lately, but we are staying positive. We had a good meeting as a team with the coaches, and we are starting off new. As Coach Dingman said, we finished season 2010, we are now onto season 2010.5 and we are leaving the past in the past. The team took two days off and came back refreshed for the first season of 2010.5 for three practices before we head out to play Indiana and Purdue. We are on to a new beginning and are going to enjoy and have fun, especially because with fun comes wins!

    We are so appreciative of ya'lls support and hope that you keep on cheering on the Hawkeyes. HERE WE GO HAWKS!!

    Megan Eskew

    October 25, 2010
    Hi Hawkeye Fans! We've just finished up two weeks of very competitive volleyball. Last weekend, we headed out east to Ohio State and Penn State. The team came out flat against Ohio State, but bounced back the next night to play a close match with No. 9 Penn State the following night. The turbulence on the plane ride to Penn State had most everyone feeling a little jittery, which may have been the wake up call we needed! The flight back to Iowa City from State College was much more interesting. We were allowed to take turns in the cockpit and got to grill the pilots with our multiple questions. The burning question I had to ask was, "Can I press a button?" Yes! Although the button I got to press only made a beeping noise and lit up all the buttons, it made my flight.

    This past weekend, we were back on our home court to play in front on the best fans in the nation. We fought a hard match against Wisconsin, but were unable to execute in the end and fell in five sets. We walked out of the locker room Friday night with heads held high, however, and ready to face No. 6 Illinois. Again, a good performance came from the Hawkeyes but again a lack of execution in the end. As Coach Dingman told us in the locker room after the match, the way we learn to execute in the end is by putting ourselves in the position to compete in the end. Although no wins were accumulated, we proved to ourselves that we can compete with anyone in the Big Ten whether ranked or not and learned another lesson to carry forward into second half of the Big Ten schedule.

    On that note, we are very excited for our next opportunity to compete on national television at Minnesota on Wednesday evening. Tune into the Big Ten Network to watch us take on the Gophers at 6 p.m. Thanks again to all our fans for your support. GO HAWKS!

    Becky Walters

    October 13, 2010
    Hello once again Hawks! My teammates and I are gearing up for another exciting road trip this weekend! We will be flying out Thursday to Columbus, Ohio eager to strike a win against the Buckeyes! Following our match Friday night we will board the plane once again, and depart for State College, Penn. On Saturday we will face off against the Nittany Lions and the Hawkeyes are determined to mold Happy Valley to `Unhappy Valley!'

    This has been an extremely busy week for students with midterms and project deadlines drawing near. Tiffany Nilges had FIVE exams this week! It's amazing how student-athletes are able to balance their time in order to get things accomplished. Even though we are so pressed for time, we still found time to go cheer on our fellow student-athletes!

    On Sunday, my teammates and I all gathered after practice and went to watch the Iowa Field Hockey team play Michigan. It was so much fun! Although we had little idea what was going on....we were STILL the loudest fans there, and enjoyed every minute of it! - and we are happy to say that we are slowly learning more about the game of field hockey :)

    On behalf of my team and I, we would like to graciously thank you for your continual loving support throughout the first part of this season! GO HAWKS!

    Mallory Husz

    September 30, 2010
    Hi Hawkeye fans! Last weekend was a tough weekend. We played Michigan on Friday night and Michigan State on Saturday night, unfortunately falling short to both. We definitely did not play our best on Friday... There were definitely some "inspiring" words thrown around in the locker room from the coaches after the game. That did however motivate us, and we played so much better against the Spartans on Saturday. Maybe that was the kind of motivation that we needed to get us going!

    This week in practice we have really been working on two things, our blocking and our serving. We are clearly not the most powerful team in the Big Ten, but we are striving to be the most athletic. If we can perfect the little things, like getting a solid block on defense, we can help out our back row tremendously. Also, with serving hard, it makes it harder for the opponent to get a perfect pass and be in system. We plan on being able to compete with the other teams, and when there are long rallies we will win them by being the more athletic and conditioned team. So, we can definitely stay positive after this weekend. After all, with loss comes learning.

    On behalf of the rest of the team I would like to thank you all again for your continued support. We would not be where we are today without the loyal support from our fans! We would like all of you to come out this weekend to Carver to watch us take on Indiana Friday night and Purdue Sunday afternoon! By ourselves we are only a team, but with our fans we feel more like a huge family :)

    Megan Eskew

    September 23, 2010
    Hi Hawkeye Fans! This past weekend we wrapped up our preseason schedule in Dekalb, Ill., falling to Northern Illinois, 3-0. Although the end of the preseason did not go how any Hawk fan would have liked, we came out of the locker room after the match with each player committing to making the necessary changes that will lead the team to success in the Big Ten.

    We started our week of practice by meeting in the locker room to reevaluate team goals and expectations as we approach the beginning of conference play this weekend. Competition in the Big Ten is fierce, and we came into practice this week fired up for the opportunities that come with conference play.

    We depart tonight for our Big Ten opener at Michigan. The freshmen will not only have their first experience playing in the Big Ten but also their first of many charter flights. Flying is one of my favorite aspects of road trips, so I have to make sure and get a window seat! Players and coaches alike are eager for this weekend. We make great memories and experience many laughs off the court when we are all together, but on the court we will be down to business. We will have a tough weekend ahead, full of great volleyball. After playing Michigan Friday night, we will head to East Lansing, MI to take on the Michigan State Spartans on Saturday night!

    We are in store for a very exciting weekend, and every time we are able to step on the court in an Iowa jersey is a great opportunity to show teams what Iowa Volleyball can do! The fans are what make this all possible, so to wrap this up I just want to thank to all the Hawkeye fans for your continued support! GO HAWKS!!

    Rachael Bedell

    September 9, 2010
    Hey Hawkeyes! This past weekend we hit the road for our first road trip and headed south to St. Louis for the Active Ankle Challenge. This was my first time on the road being a Hawkeye so I had no idea what to expect. The trip itself was pretty quiet with a lot of people sleeping and listening to music. After stopping for some food we called it a night because we had an early start the next morning. Our pregame practice was full of energy and enthusiasm for the game later that evening.

    In our opening match versus Wake Forest we came in flat and went down 0-2 heading into the intermission. After coming out hard and with more energy than before we were able to take a game off of Wake Forest before falling in the fourth set. After the game, we decided as a whole that losing that game was a good lesson; however it was one that we weren't eager to learn again. After getting some food while scouting the next day's competition, we headed back to the hotel for a good night's rest.

    The next morning we had another early start with two matches against Creighton and St. Louis. Both were rough games, but the battling was the best part! Two five-set victories in one day was a beating, but that's what makes us stronger! So after a doubleheader sweep to earn the tournament championship, we hit the road again to come back home.

    The weekend was full of a lot of food, some pretty great pre-game dance parties, quality naps during the few hours of free time, and amazing team bonding. My first trip on the road with the Hawkeyes was better than I could have ever imagined! As much as the road trips are a blast, nothing beats playing at home, because there is nothing greater than the Hawkeye fans in Carver-Hawkeye Arena. Here we go HAWKS!

    Becky Walters

    September 2, 2010
    Hi Hawkeyes!! I hope everyone's weekend was as exciting as ours! We hosted the Hawkeye Challenge Tournament at Carver August 27-29. We invited Alabama, Green Bay, and Southern Illinois down to have some heated competition. On Friday we played Alabama and won 3-1. They were a great team, and we started off a little slow, losing the first game, but we quickly gained our composure and won the next three games.

    On Saturday night we battled the Salukis to five games. Again, we started a little too relaxed and they won the first two games. We made a few changes on the court and we decided we were not going down without a fight. We battled back two games, and finished the Saluki's off in the fifth game, 17-15. We couldn't have done it without our loyal Hawkeye fans right behind us. The crowd was UNBELIEVABLE! On Sunday we defeated Green Bay, 3-0, to capture Hawkeye Challenge tournament championship. What a weekend! I must say it was easier to start school Monday knowing we are undefeated.

    We hit practice hard on Tuesday, and continue to approach each day with the NCAA tournament in our minds. We leave Thursday afternoon and jump on the bus to go to the St. Louis Active Ankle Challenge for a four team tournament, including Wake Forest, Creighton, and St. Louis. The freshmen are anxiously awaiting their first road trip as Hawkeyes, and the team and coaches are all excited to have our first voyage as such a special group.

    School and homework has picked up for a lot of us, and I'm sure the bus ride there and back will be a quiet one with a lot of studying. It can be challenging missing classes for travel and keeping up with the material but we have all prioritized and found ways to continue our achievement in the classroom! Thanks to all the Hawkeye fans for your commitment and unsurpassed support! We sincerely and humbly appreciate your efforts to help us achieve greatness! On Iowa, GO HAWKS!!

    Mallory Husz

    August, 27, 2010
    Hi Hawkeye fans! On behalf of the Iowa Volleyball team I would like to thank you all for your continued support throughout the years! I am happy to say that we had a very great preseason that just ended last weekend. We had a rigorous schedule of two-a-days and even survived one three-a-day. However, with great sacrifice comes great rewards and hopefully our hard work will pay off this weekend when we host our Hawkeye Challenge tournament!

    Our first match is going tonight against Alabama, and we couldn't be more excited to play them. The morale on the team is great and we are all super positive. We are a new team from last year and like always we expect great things! We would love it if all of our fans would come out to watch and support us. We will be all signing autographs after the game

    As everyone knows, classes have started this week and we are adjusting to a new practice time than we have had in past years. The first day took some getting used to but we all looked great from there on out! It can be tough juggling classes and volleyball commitments, especially for incoming freshman. I'm proud to say that our stellar freshman class has been adapting great to the increased workload and the veterans are also doing well.

    I am really excited about this season; I know that great things are bound to happen with this special group of girls. Again, we are all so thankful for the support we get from our fans, and we hope you can come cheer us on to some victories this weekend!

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